Hi! I’m Charlie, and welcome to Charlie’s 80s attic! Aaaaaaah, the 1980s, a time for watching Saturday morning cartoons, “smoking” candy cigarettes, playing with Rubik’s cubes, riding bikes without helmets, going “Back to the Future” at the movie theater, wearing parachute pants, blasting music from boomboxes and watching hours upon hours of music videos. 

Here in Charlie’s 80s attic, my goal is to have you relive those most righteous of days through music, the best music, 80s music. Up here, I, along with my retro-robot sidekick Kilroy, will be spinning tunes on my trusty turntables to bring you the absolute best music from the early 80s video music era. With my vast collection of vintage vinyl and classic cassettes, I’ll be playing the biggest 80s hits, the lost treasures, the forgotten gems, and the tunes you remember from those unforgettable music videos. Together, we’ll delve deeper into the decade of 80s music and relive the amazing memories from the early years of the video music generation. 

So come on up, grab a seat in the beanbag chair, hang up your Member’s Only jacket, and stay a while. Thirsty? Grab a cold “new” coke or a HI-C ecto cooler from the fridge! Hungry? Snack on some fruit roll-ups and cheez balls while you kick back, take a chill pill, and enjoy the musical magic from the decade of decadence here in Charlie’s 80s Attic! Thanks for dropping in!