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You’re finally here! Welcome to Charlie’s 80s Attic!

Hi everyone, Charlie here, the host of Charlie’s 80s Attic. I want to personally welcome you to my attic, the home of great 80s music and memories. Charlie’s 80s attic can be streamed on the iHeartRadio app, the TuneIn Radio app, or right here at

I am a child of the 80s, so the music from that decade defined my childhood and my teenage years. I grew up listening to AM radio, then FM radio, then I was captivated by MTV and the video music era. Music videos opened up a whole new world for me and my generation by showcasing brand new artists, new styles and new genres of music. It also gave me and my generation the ability to see what our favorite bands and artists actually looked like! It was an amazing time for music!

Music has the unique power to transport us back in time and make us feel exactly the way we felt when we heard a song, artist or band for the first time. Music brings back memories of friends, family, school, vacations, and all of the special moments of our lives. All of our lives have a soundtrack, and 80s music was a big part of the soundtrack of my life, and I am sure yours as well. That’s why Charlie’s 80s Attic was created.

My goal here in the attic is to make you feel the way you did when you turned on the radio in the early to mid-80s or when you turned on MTV in their glory years. I’ll play all the great 80s hits, deeper hits and forgotten favorites from the best years of the decade until around the time Milli Vanilli and Tiffany started taking over the charts. You get the idea! I, along with my trusty robot sidekick Kilroy will do my very best to transport you back in time each and every day! Plus we will be joined by other great and talented DJs from time to time!

So you may be wondering, what’s different about Charlie’s 80s attic in comparison to any other 80s station? A LOT! First, and foremost we play a deeper selection of 80s music. Sure we play the big hits by the iconic artists of the decade, but we go further. We play those forgotten favorites, lost treasures and hidden gems of the decade as well. Deeper 80s! In addition to those iconic 80s tunes and smash hits, you’ll hear a great deal of music from the video music era, songs played in heavy rotation on MTV and new wave radio but not so much on top 40 radio. I guarantee you’ll hear songs that you haven’t heard in many years, or in many decades for that matter, but will immediately remember the words to.

Second, we play something for everyone! You’ll no longer have to go skipping around from top forty 80s radio stations, to nostalgic new wave radio stations, to the classic rewind type of radio stations to get your fill of all the great music and genres the 80s had to offer, it is all here on one great station. Here in the attic, I fire up the turntables and cassette decks and bring you Top 40, Pop, Rock, New Wave, Punk, Ska, Metal, Dance, R&B and even some smooth Yacht Rock from the best decade, the 1980s.

Third, and maybe most important, you won’t hear the same songs played over and over and over all day long here in the attic. My library is deep and I’ll always keep it fresh. Sure, you may hear the same artist played twice in a three hour span, but I can personally promise it won’t be the same song! I’d say repetition on radio stations is one of my biggest pet peeves of all time when it comes to music and radio, so I won’t put you through that! The 80s had so much music, so why play the same songs on repeat? You will never have to worry about that here in Charlie’s 80s attic! So, listen all day at home, at the office, on road trips, at the gym, or wherever you go and I promise you’ll always get variety and deeper 80s music!

Be sure to look for Charlie’s 80s attic on Faceboook and don’t forget to like or follow the page for all of the latest happenings here in the attic. You can also find us on YouTube, Charlie’s 80s Attic!

I look forward to enjoying all the great music from the amazing 80s decade with all of you! So, come on up, dust off the beanbag chair, grab a cold Tab cola and a handful of Bugles and stay a while!

All the Best!


2 thoughts on “You’re finally here! Welcome to Charlie’s 80s Attic!
  1. I’ve become an everyday listener, Charlie! Keep up the good work. Love how you’re willing to play stuff that hasn’t seen the light of day since the 1980s. You’re living my dream DJ job. Just told my brother to tune in, too.

    1. Thanks so much Jon! I really appreciate it! Glad you’re enjoying the music! Well, who knows maybe someday you’ll live the dream too and start your own station. I really appreciate the message and you listening!

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