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80s Album Of The Week- Dawn Patrol by Night Ranger (1982)

The band Night Ranger was formed in San Francisco, California back in 1979. They have released 13 studio albums, 9 live albums and 6 compilation albums. Dawn Patrol, released on November 1, 1982 was the band’s debut studio album.

During the recording of the album, the band was known as just “Ranger.” The first issues of the album were printed and ready to be shipped when a country band from California was found to have the same name. Give them a break, there was no way to Google “Ranger” or anything else back in ’82! The band then decided to call themselves Night Ranger after the song that bassist and lead vocalist Jack Blades had written for the album. Their record label “Boardwalk” then proceeded to destroy every copy that had “Ranger” on it. And yes, they did a great job destroying them, there are no “Ranger” versions of the album floating around on eBay!

Helped out by HEAVY rotation on MTV, the opening track on the album “Don’t Tell Me You Love Me” became the band’s first Top 40 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 peaking at #40 in late February 1983. The very memorable music video in heavy rotation on MTV combined with a truckload of rock radio play would propel “Don’t Tell Me You Love Me” all the way to #4 on the Mainstream Rock Chart. I mean, let’s be honest, what’s cooler than playing an 80s rock banger on railroad tracks with a train bearing down on you? Absolutely nothing.

The album also churned out some true 80s gems, most notably, “Sing Me Away.” Pound for pound, “Sing Me Away” is one of the Top 5 songs of the decade to not make the Top 40 on the Billboard Hot 100. It would peak at #54 in May of 1983. Here in the attic, we call those gems “Deeper Hits.” Surprisingly, “Sing Me Away” also stalled at #39 on the Mainstream Rock Chart. Like we say all the time here in the attic, you can’t always judge a song by the charts, there are so many amazing gems out there that never came close to the Top 40 and “Sing Me Away” is a classic example.

Dawn Patrol is a great album to enjoy from beginning to end. From “Don’t Tell Me You Love Me” to “Night Ranger” and everything in between like “Eddie’s Comin’ Out Tonight” the album is jam packed with 80s gems. Give Dawn Patrol a listen today and keep it tuned to Charlie’s 80s Attic for all the big hits from Night Ranger as well as those deeper hits. When it’s four in the morning and you just can’t take anymore, you can still rock in America (and around the world) 24/7 here in Charlie’s 80s Attic, just relax and when you close your eyes we’ll take you down sentimental street with the great sounds of Night Ranger! Say Goodbye to those average 80s stations and stick with the attic, after all the perfect blend of big 80s hits and deeper 80s hits is the secret to our success….