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A New Weekday Afternoon Lineup In Charlie’s 80s Attic!

Thanks for listening to Charlie’s 80s Attic! Effective Monday October 31st, we have a new weekday afternoon lineup headed your way in the Attic!

80s Deep Dive will still come your way at 1pm eastern Mondays thru Thursdays, but Charlie has decided to scale the Deep Dive show back from two hours to one hour. But that means you’ll get some new shows!

On Mondays, following the one hour Deep Dive , Charlie will host a two hour radio program beginning at 2pm eastern (until 4pm eastern) that will bridge the gap to Kari who is on from 4pm-7pm eastern! As always, Deep Dive will replay each evening @8pm eastern.

On Tuesdays, following the one hour Deep Dive, Charlie will host TWOFER TUESDAY, an hour long show that will give you a double shot of your favorite bands and artists! Kilroy will have you covered in the 3pm eastern hour, then Captain Joe hosts his program from 4pm-7pm eastern! TWOFER TUESDAY will replay @9pm eastern.

On Wednesdays, following the one hour Deep Dive, Charlie hosts WILD CARD WEDNESDAY! Each Wednesday, it’ll be something different…a new theme….a new topic! You never know what you’ll get on WILD CARD WEDNESDAY! It’s an hour long program, although some weeks it may run longer, depending on the topic. Then Kari is on from 4pm-7pm eastern, followed by the replay of Dare To Be Different with Kari from 7pm-8pm eastern! WILD CARD WEDNESDAY will replay @9pm eastern.

On Thursdays, following the one hour Deep Dive, Charlie hosts the Top 20 Countdown! Each Thursday, Charlie will count down the Top 20 songs on the Billboard Hot 100 from that particular week from a different year in the 80s! That will be followed by Captain Joe from 4pm-7pm eastern. The Top 20 Countdown will replay @9pm eastern.

On Fridays, it’s the Weekend Blast-Off at 5pm eastern followed by The Friday MegaMix at 6pm eastern!

80s Deep Dive: Mondays thru Thursdays @1pm eastern
TWOFER TUESDAY Tuesdays @2pm eastern
WILD CARD WEDNESDAY, Wednesdays @2pm eastern!
The TOP 20 COUNTDOWN, Thursdays @2pm eastern!