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A BIG April Is Ahead In The Attic!

We’ve got lots coming your way in the month of April!

On Monday April 3rd, it’s our THREE YEAR ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL. Charlie, Kari and Joe will all be on the air that day and they will all be bringing you something special!

On April 18th, 19th, 20th, & 24th there will be special Themed Editions of 80s Deep Dive!

On Wednesday April 5th The BOTTOM 20 COUNT-UP returns for Wild Card Wednesday! It’s a 90+ minute edition of Wild Card Wednesday!

On Wednesday April 19th and Wednesday April 26th there will be extended (90+ minute) editions of Wild Card Wednesday which will feature two special countdowns!

On Thursday April 20th and Thursday April 27th you’ll get those late 80s Top 20 Countdowns you’ve been asking for (1988 & 1989)!

PLUS, as always, brand new episodes of Twofer Tuesday, 80s Deep Dive, Dare To Be Different, Smooth Sailing Sunday!

*NOTE* Charlie, Kari & Joe will be off for Spring Break starting on Sunday April 9th (Easter) through Saturday April 15th. Kilroy & Karen will have you covered with 24/7 commercial free, subscription free and repeat free 80s music that week! Regular programming resumes on Sunday April 16th with Smooth Sailing Sunday!