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What Exactly Is A “Deeper Hit”?

Hey everyone! Charlie up here in the attic getting ready for another day of bringing you great 80s music! Thank you all so much for listening and spreading the word about Charlie’s 80s Attic.

Today, I would like to talk to you about “deeper hits” and what makes our station so unique. I am sure you’ve heard me say “here is another deeper hit” so many times on air, and perhaps you are wondering what a “deeper hit” is.

Well, to put it in simple terms, a “deeper hit” is a song that charted somewhere on the Billboard Hot 100 on any given week, in our case, sometime in the 1980s. A deeper hit, in most cases, is a song that didn’t quite make the top 20 but still got some decent radio airplay at the time and in many cases got heavy airplay on MTV. Many of these “deeper hits” that didn’t make the top 20 are no longer played or played very infrequently on the radio today, even on 80s stations. You’ll only hear them by either looking for them and streaming them on demand or by hearing them on a random weekly 80s countdown. Or if you own them on vinyl, CD, or MP3 as part of your personal library, you can play them whenever you like.

As an example, let’s look at Rick Springfield:

Rick Springfield had FIFTEEN Top 40 Hits between 1981 and 1985, that’s right, FIFTEEN! Yet, on the average 80s radio station you will only hear two, perhaps three of his songs which are usually “Jessie’s Girl” which hit #1 and “Don’t Talk To Strangers” which hit #2. Occasionally they may play “I’ve Done Everything For You” which hit #8. That’s it! The other dozen Rick Springfield songs that charted in the Top 40 are just forgotten about! That’s where Charlie’s 80s Attic comes in! We have all FIFTEEN in our rotation!

I mean what’s wrong with “Love Is Alright Tonite” or “What Kind Of Fool Am I” or even “Affair of the Heart”? Can’t forget “Human Touch” or “Love Somebody” as well! Why are these songs, ones we were really rockin’ out to back in the 80s, just totally forgotten about by radio stations claiming to cover an entire decade of 80s music?

Here in Charlie’s 80s Attic, I, your host, actually lived during the 80s, love the music from the 80s, studied the music from the 80s and spent months doing research combing through music charts, albums, cassettes and hand picked every single song in our rotation before we launched. Here in the attic you won’t get a corporate suit picking the music, you get a passionate 80s music fan just like yourself!

So, that’s what separates Charlie’s 80s Attic from your average 80s radio station. Of course we play the BIG hits of the decade, it would not be the 80s without them, but we also include the songs the other radio stations forgot about that we all still love hearing! Deeper 80s hits and forgotten 80s favorites mixed in with the big 80s hits…that’s our recipe!


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