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Meet The New Members of the 80s Attic On-Air Team!

Please welcome our two new on-air DJs here in Charlie’s 80s Attic; Kari and Joe! Here’s a bit about each of them:

Meet Kari:

Hi all! My name is Kari and I am excited to join Charlie and Kilroy in the Attic to spin some tunes for you! By day I am an attorney but don’t hold that against me. (I work in education law so maybe I get a pass?) I was born in Wisconsin, raised in Minnesota and went to college in North Carolina (go Tar Heels!) before settling in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area. When not on the air you can usually find me sampling craft beers (maybe I can do that while on air too? gotta check with Charlie), indoor cycling, snuggling with my dog Birdie and cats Baron and Uecke or eating great food and desserts prepared by my husband Nick. And, of course, recording the podcast Hey, Remember the 80s with my best friends Joe and producer Dave.

Speaking of the 80s, I was raised on MTV and remember many afternoons spent in my childhood “playroom” playing records with my sister and performing dance shows for our Care Bears and Cabbage Patch Kids. I loved listening to Casey Kasem’s American Top 40 every weekend and was definitely more attuned to pop music as a kid, but over the years have loved discovering all those great songs I missed the first time around that were ignored on the top 40. These days, I would say my favorite genre of music is New Wave. I’m still discovering new 80s songs to fall in love with every day and can’t wait to play you those deeper 80s hits.

Meet Joe:

Greetings, fellow 80’s fans! I’m Joe, and I am beyond stoked to be playing some great 80’s music for you! A little bit about me: I was born in a small town (and that’s where my similarities with John Cougar Mellencamp end). I grew up in the Midwest in a very rural area, far away from the reaches of MTV and cable television. While I knew it existed, I was forced to make do with Friday Night Videos and Solid Gold. Thanks to the fine people at Columbia House Record and Tape Club (and a couple of aliases), I was able to build up my cassette collection to take requests on the bus and at recess on my transparent boombox (wish I still had that thing!)

Cut to 2018: As an avid music fan, I was always seeking the newest artists, and attending concerts and music festivals in various locales. However: one fateful day that summer, I discovered a station that played vintage American Top 40 countdowns from the 1980s, featuring Casey Kasem. Suddenly, I was transported to that small town, and the feeling of tuning in every weekend to find out more about the songs America was loving. I became obsessed with learning about these Top 40 hits: some I remembered loving, and some I was hearing again for the first time. These days, you can usually find me in my basement listening to 80’s music and playing some vintage arcade games I’ve managed to collect in the past couple of years. I still live in the Midwest, with my husband David, and our three dogs: Boogie, Anna Mae, and, yes, Casey. 


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