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Introducing Chris Adams, The Newest Member of the Charlie’s 80s Attic DJ Team!

Let’s give a warm welcome to Chris Adams, the newest member of the Charlie’s 80s Attic DJ Team! Chris will be making his attic debut at 10am Eastern on Monday October 11th. Chris will be on air weekdays (M-F) from 10am-1pm eastern. Chris joins Charlie, Kari, Joe and Kilroy on this very passionate and dedicated DJ team. Welcome Chris!

Here’s some background on Chris:

Born in New Jersey and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Chris devoted his teenage years to music classes, listing to pop radio and memorizing chart stats from Casey Kasem’s American Top 40. Need to know anything about’80s pop music or one more person to complete your music trivia team? Chris Adams is your guy. While in college in Nashville, Tennessee, Chris made an air-check tape that ended up in the hands of a local radio station program director, Within weeks Chris began his radio career at Star 106 FM (Adult Contemporary) and began a journey to research and collect every song to appear on the Billboard HOT 100 chart from January 1980 through December 1989. In the ‘90s, Chris relocated north with his wife and began “living on the air in Cincinnati” at WGRR 103.5 (Classic ‘70s and ‘80s), Warm 98.5 (Adult Hits) and most recently, Star 93.3 (Christian Pop).

In his spare time, Chris collects Record Research books, teaches Worship Leader seminars, plays in the Cincinnati-based band Mid-Life Crisis, and facilitates the “Chart Geeks: HOT 100 (1980-1989)” Facebook group.