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80s Deep Track Of The Day

When we started the radio station Charlie’s 80s Attic almost four years ago, our main goal was to highlight the lesser played songs of the 80s as much as retro terrestrial and satellite radio stations highlight the Top 20 hits of the 80s. Of course, we also bring you those BIG 80s hits in regular rotation, but our passion is to bring you those DEEPER 80s tracks in equal rotation.

Starting on Monday January 8, 2024 we are going to be highlighting a Deeper 80s track per day (Mondays through Thursdays). We’ll be posting information about the Deep Track of the Day on our Facebook page (Charlie’s 80s Attic Radio Station) in the morning and we’ll be playing the song on the station at 12 noon eastern. We hope this will give these Deeper Tracks the exposure that they deserve! We hope you’ll share these Deep Track posts as much as you share our Billboard chart posts and we hope you’ll also visit the featured artists’ Facebook pages and websites, and of course, purchase and stream their music.

And of course, for a FULL HOUR of 80s Deep Tracks, tune in to 80s Deep Dive hosted by Charlie at 1pm eastern Mondays through Thursdays here on Charlie’s 80s Attic! (replay at 8pm eastern)