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Our Music Rotation Continues To Grow!

Charlie’s 80s Attic Radio station came on the air on April 3, 2020. Founder Charlie McMahon wanted to offer 80s music lovers an alternative to terrestrial and satellite 80s radio stations who play the same couple of hundred Top 10/Top 20 songs from the 80s on a never ending loop.

Although we enjoy being nostalgic by sharing Billboard Hot 100 charts on our Facebook page, the decade of 80s music is not defined, nor is it limited to songs that charted in the Top 20 on the Hot 100 or even those that cracked the Hot 100. The vision of Charlie’s 80s Attic was to give the lesser known and lesser commercialized bands and artists as much attention and play as Madonna, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and Phil Collins etc. We also wanted to keep the station fresh and we’ve done that by adding a minimum of 1500 songs to our rotation each and every year that we’ve been on the air. This year is no exception, as we added almost 1200 songs to the rotation in February….and now we’ve done it again! This week we added almost 900 MORE songs to the rotation, bringing our rotation total to almost 8000 songs!

These almost 900 additional songs include over 125 new bands and artists that have never been played here in the attic, and most of those 125+ bands are bands you will not hear played on 80s terrestrial and satellite radio stations. And of course, we have added even more songs from the BIG bands and artists of the decade as well. We are confident in saying that NO 80s radio station (terrestrial, satellite OR streaming) can compete with our rotation, our variety and our diversity….period! PLUS we give you DAILY special programming, weekly special programming, countdowns, weekend special programming, live DJs and more…and we bring it all to you COMMERCIAL FREE, SUBSCRIPTION FREE and REPEAT FREE 24/7!

Come join us on iHeartRadio, TuneIn Radio, Apple Music,, or on the FREE Charlie’s 80s Attic app available in your app store and see the difference for yourself. 80s radio the way it’s supposed to be, here in Charlie’s 80s Attic.